c is for chalkboard paint


as someone told me, “i’m afraid to stand still or you’ll paint me!”…there is a lot of chalkboard paint.


in addition to my original plan of repainting our chalkboard and painting the back of a shelf, i got busy.

and now there is a lot of extra vacuuming.  but worth it.


now we’ve been making shingles and tiles on the roof.


drawing a doorbell or address numbers.

adding a skyline and wild animals to the block rug.

scribbling and sign making.


noticing that crayon crayon and paint still work.


adding windows, doors, signs and people.


remembering to look at ourselves (and smile) in the mirror.


and yes, often these surfaces are simply covered with chalk, layers and layers of chalk so that there is dust falling down.  if one goal of these preschool days is getting used to a writing implement in hand, confidence in making marks on paper, joy in doing something where most of one’s body is still:  chalk dust is worth it!  especially now that children have been schooled on getting a damp (not wet) towel to clean the surfaces off!  that’s fun in and of itself.


one quart of paint went a looooong way…and there is more!

10 thoughts on “c is for chalkboard paint

  1. love love LOVE the painted blocks! what a fabulous idea! and the roof on the dollhouse isn’t too shabby either! thanks so much for the inspiration!


  2. Hey there! Great idea for the chalk paint! I just have a question about the 10th pic from the top with the caption above it, “noticing that crayon crayon and paint still work.” What is it?



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