9 thoughts on “c is for circle time

  1. Thanks for your awesome web-site, it is so inspiring to me as a fairly new Pre-K teacher. I too call my preschoolers “friends” in class. I refer to the children when talking about each other as “neighbors”, so I often I willl say for example,” please be nice to your neighbor at circle time.” One child commented recently when I said this, ” He is not my neighbor; I dont live by him.” I explained that at at preschool we are all friends and neighbors when we sit by each other and play together at school. I think this helps teach my class to be kind to eacher other and hopefully it makes their world a better place.


  2. Very sweet, and I love that nobody pushed each other out of the way : ) Way different kids than the ones in my group! Seriously, though, they do love to see themselves live on-screen!


    1. um, look again…during one of the fuzzed out moments you can see a hand moving in and plowing kids apart.

      the thing about this class: no one backs down…no tears…no calls for help…they keep at it…with smiles and wide eyes.

      it’s not necessarily better or worse than the alternative, just different.


  3. I call the kiddos “friends” and have for many years. I follow your blog and honestly, I want to be in you classroom! :o)


  4. Hi Kristin! Love your blog. When I was teaching, I said “friends,” too. Funny, but once in a while, I find myself saying that to my own children…must miss teaching! : ( My son’s preschool teacher used the term as well….more common than we realize.




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