t is for tool {glue guns and big hole punchers, to be exact}

well, we jumped on the bandwagon that has been rolling along for quite some time and we used low temp glue guns.


this joined in the category of “things we can do at preschool that you might not be able to do at home.”


like many have reported, the children knew the silver part was hot, they knew the glue was hot, they very successfully glued blue or brown wool to their sheep bodies for a funny sing-a-long of “baa baa blue sheep” and “baa baa brown sheep.”


:: :: :: ::

they also used the best $19.99 tool i’ve bought in a while:  a 2 inch circle hole punch.


it’s a bit tricky, but so satisfying!



6 thoughts on “t is for tool {glue guns and big hole punchers, to be exact}

  1. I bought myself a 3 inch circle punch at Michaels awhile back. And then may have spent a long time just punching holes out of scrap paper… just because. :)


  2. At a workshop this week, I told about using glue guns with my 5s. Everyone asked, “Didn’t anyone get burned?” (No. We talked about the hot parts and they didn’t touch them.)

    Glad that you had fun using them, too. And I love your large circle punch. I need one of those.


    1. i keep going back to my early years of college and the teachings of maria montessori:

      {Montessori thought that the size of materials and furnishings were important. She believed that children needed real tools to accomplish real tasks. She believed that children could learn to uses sharp tools carefully and by giving them dull tools to use the educator is undermining their competence.}

      that circle punch? hobby lobby. go get one. : )



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