n is for new movie…and new things in the classroom…and new perspective for me.

we made another movie.

the way we make most of our movies is by having the photo booth’s video camera running and then later splitting it into smaller clips. with the movies being many minutes long, i think we all forget that we’re being recorded. that’s what i want.

what you’ll see in this movie:

a new friend at preschool…already a special friend of mine…this was so sweet.
a new seating plan…there are little self photos on the back of their chairs. it’s interesting to see how children look to find themselves, if they move their chair, if they don’t.
a new circle time plan…we’ve never sat in chairs before at circle time. the next phase is that anyone who prefers a chair can get their chair. then there is the need for a whole bunch of “situational awareness” when preschoolers are hauling chairs around. i’ll make a movie of that.

and for me: a new perspective of how i teach. i am comfortable with and confident in my intentions and my passion to be a kind and effective teacher. but i am amazed at how many things i see that i wish were different. i don’t wait as long as i thought i did. i ask questions that seem silly. i don’t answer kids as quickly as i thought i did. i fill in the blanks too often in conversations with kids.

in general, i seem to have an impatience that is rooted in nothing but enthusiasm. since i’m not cranky, maybe i’m just eager. i guess. i want to work on that. some teacher friends of mine suggested that video taping oneself for this exact purpose is a common practice. it was sure effective for me.

so, enjoy the newness and the humility of seeing me do many things i wish i hadn’t done:

7 thoughts on “n is for new movie…and new things in the classroom…and new perspective for me.

  1. So many teachers are nervous to be filmed not because they are not good teachers, but because it isn’t always easy to look at! I can be quite critical of myself, and it only multiplies when I see or hear myself on camera.

    I think this is a really interesting experiment, and I’m looking forward to more and more videos! I’d love to try the same thing. At a certain point, you forget the camera is running and you think about the teaching. What a great reflective tool! And don’t be so hard on yourself- you seem to have a lovely classroom.


  2. I also need to work on patience while visiting with the children – it’s good to know I’m not the only one. Pat from Kinder Haus


  3. I love that you are filming in your classroom now. I started filming the children in my class a few weeks ago. I learned so much from seeing them, interacting with others, my responses to them… And I only grew in a positive way from it! Please keep filming and keep us posted, because your friendliness with the children is motivational.

    Greeting from Belgium


  4. Kristin, We are our own worst critics, that is for certain. I honestly didn’t see anything for you to be upset with yourself with. You seem so sweet and so motivated and so loving with the children….that is what they will remember in years to come, not the things you are focusing on! You are such an inspiration…no worries!


  5. I haven’t watched the vid yet but you inspired me to video myself for that same reason. I always look grumpy in photos, and I hope I don’t look that way naturally all the time. I’ll try a video : )


  6. I love to self reflect – I need to try some video taping too! I don’t think I would be so brave to show what I don’t like about me though:) LOL! I already know that I fill in the blanks too quickly and ask silly questions. Some days, I just can’t think of anything all that bright to say!



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