d is for dinosaur

IMG_1354it seems that our pictures (of painting and cutting and gluing and taping and making a big dinosaur and making baby dinosaurs to meet big mama “daisy dinosaur” and adding her clothespin spikes on the marker dots and telling you that we loved this book) will speak for themselves.



it was a dino-tastic time!

4 thoughts on “d is for dinosaur

  1. I love your site as a PreK teacher myself, your childrens dinosaurs are awesome. Just wondering, do your children do most of the cutting out of their art or does your staff? I am big on the children cutting out most of their art work if I trace the shape on it. I feel it help them develop fine motor skills, not to mention experience of the cutting process. I find they take such pride when they do their own cutting with child-safe scissors. We plan to do dinosaur theme in a few wks in my class, you gave me some good ideas- Thanks.



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