f is for fire

oh, boy, good thing we had some firefighters (and a detachable shop vac hose) because everything that was red or orange or yellow was considered fire!






we also played a “big body” game that involved the class of firefighters “sleeping” until i called the fire station (after i hid a cluster of red/orange/yellow crepe paper.  then they ran around the room until they found it, then called for each other to come and spray it out!



and seriously, if the fire in hanging from the ceiling, what are you supposed to do other than climb on the table?!?!?


:: :: :: :: :: ::

we had fun using red, orange and yellow tape to make fire layers.


and all the while, listening to this song was a real hit.


2 thoughts on “f is for fire

  1. Love the fire hose activity and the “Fire” art–what a great independent center idea! i’m definitely pinning it! “Fire Truck” is one of our favorite songs, too! It’s still requested daily, even though we did most of our fire safety activities weeks ago!



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