f is for facebook

from our facebook page:

families: questions i didn’t answer and/or topics of conversation that i encouraged preschoolers to continue at home:

god: is god a person? does god crawl? is god as magic as santa? is god jesus? is god a ghost?

santa: is santa real? can he fit through a key hole? does he need a chimney?

bottoms: {having established that no one should ask you to lick their bottom…because that was a suggestion for our “GROSS LIST”} why not? what does private mean? is it funny or bad? why don’t people just say, ‘butt?’

bad words: who decides what is really a bad word? what if i think it’s bad but someone keeps saying it because s/he doesn’t think it’s bad?

unicorns: are they really just horses with a horn? can they all fly? has anyone in the world seen a real one?

homelessness: how can someone make sure not to be homeless? why can’t we let homeless people just stay with us? can we smile at them {i answered that one: YES}?

the incredible hulk: was the actor really, really strong? how did he get green? did he really smash houses? when did this happen?

yeah, all of this brought on by some simple lesson plans involving houses, hair and horses.


— — — — — —

this is one of the reasons i love my job.

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