g is for gross


it is fun to talk about seemingly forbidden things:  poop, pee, guts, poop, dirt, blood, poop, dog breath…you get the idea. rats in the dirt table was a little gross…but not as gross as one of our big tables:


oh, it was GROSS!  this was actually a collection of stuff that i took to my son’s 4th grade class on halloween.  the preschoolers had fun with it the days afterwards.

eyes = cocktail onions
brain = steamed cabbage head
fat= tofu
heart = blanched and peeled tomato
scabs = beef jerky
fingers = dill pickles and pistachio shells
tongue = banana peel
ears = dried apricots
teeth = corn nuts
warts = raisins
veins = cooked pasta


when all the gross items were too gross to stay in the classroom anymore, we made a list of what we remembered.  i think those gross things made quite an impression…the preschoolers remembered each one!


we added to our “GROSS” list all week.  the question was simply, “what could someone think is gross?”  there was a lot of “eeeeeeewwwwwww!!!!!” after each idea.  and a little debate after some ideas (kissing and worms bringing the greatest debate…gross or not gross?). i still need a photo of the finished product.


(we hung it up in our bathroom…gross!!!!!)


One thought on “g is for gross

  1. I just discovered pinterest and so your blog….love it. I’ve been teaching preschool for 31+ yrs. and I still get excited when I find new ideas, and you have some great ones. I decided to go with g for gross, and thought of one more….dollar tree has kid’s shovels. I’m going to have them pick up “road kill”….perhaps a beanbag with some fake fur attached or??????



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