c is for comfort


it is no small thing to notice what provides comfort for children.  especially during the transition from home to the classroom.  some children crave the rowdy jokes from teachers, some hover by their cubby for a while taking notice, some are taken from one set of arms to another.  there is a group of girls who heads to our project corner first thing every time.  every time.


mr matt can be found there often too.  cutting circles or hearts.  visiting and adding comfort to the routine.

mr matt

these girls are part of our afternoon class.  these photos are taken around noon…just after they’ve had lunch…when everyone seems glad to ease into things.  ahhhhhhhhhhh.

One thought on “c is for comfort

  1. I like this Kristen. We changed up our morning just a bit because I noticed some of the children needed more time to get acclimated before starting circle time. Now things see much better!



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