l is for love

love wall 2011

we were invited to participate in bethel college’s “love wall” by giving drawings/messages of what love means to us.

with complete respect for the wisdom that young children can offer, i simply invited them to give ideas of what love is, what they love, what message about god they want people to know.

…main street • hot chocolate and french fries • god doesn’t want anyone to hate anyone else • my family • rainbows • the forest • everyone will get to go the heaven with the angels • twinkle stars • beds • eating • music…

really, these messages of love are stronger than any message of hate.  i have to believe that. i chose not to discuss any theological differences in regards to heaven and god’s love. my job at preschool is to create a space of safety and when children’s words increase the peace, i’m okay with it.

love collage


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