g is for glitter glass

oh, you wish you had glitter glass?




well, first you need to paint your jar with golden (food coloring in glue) glitter glue (golden because it was g week).


then pour a jar of glitter into your glued jar.


then pour it out again!

back and forth, back and forth, back and forth until it’s all covered.

glitter glass

ooooooooo, glitter glue glass….and not even one broke!



6 thoughts on “g is for glitter glass

  1. I hope you don’t mind but I just had to add snowflakes to my website this year!! I remember you had this last year and loved it!! I have to copy the best:)


  2. i think when children pour things back and forth, stick their hands in cups of paint, put all five paintbrushes in the same jar and just start sploshing around, they are reminding me that these tendencies are wired in the brain—that’s why EVERY kid does it : ) it’s nice to know there are teachers who let them engage in the very things they need!

    by the way, LOVE the snow on your web page : ) very seasonal.


  3. kristin! this is awesome! i get absolutely giddy when i see another teacher not afraid to take chances of a huge mess while little ones! i believe our littles will meet our expectations if we make them clear and expect them to do it! :)
    on another note, i have a question for you because you always have such fabulous ideas! for our christmas celebration we have students bring small trinket type gifts for gift bags. we get together in a big circle and pass out our gifts into our bags. i always like to contribute a few small things from me and my assistants. we always include a book for each child that i usually get free with scholastic points and a few more things from oriental trading. this year, i would like to really give them something special along with the book. unfortunately, we are a public school so anything dealing with the nativity or related stuff is out! do you have any fabulous ideas? do you give your students gifts for christmas?



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