h is for houses {built by the three little pigs}

we used a cardboard box to paint one day, then added “straw” and “sticks” and “bricks” the next days.


we used it in our retelling the story of the three little pigs, including all the various endings that we knew about.


in the end of our preschool story, the wolf did indeed climb up the side of the house, up to the chimney, started to climb into the chimney (oooooooooooh…..so scary!!!), but the wolf (gender not agreed upon) felt the heat from the fire (because we just learned in our fire safety talks that smoke and heat rise) and that wolf ran fast and far away.  the end.


and then,  having my trust wolf mask from home, we did a little acting out (click for pictures!).  thanks, abram and mabel’s mama, for the pictures that we couldn’t take (since we were too busy being wolves and pigs).


3 thoughts on “h is for houses {built by the three little pigs}

  1. Well look at that DRAMATIC PLAY! Let me know if NCP ever wants to come and play in our costume loft. Or on stage. Either one!



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