v is for valentine classroom

when the calendar turns to february, our classroom turns to valentines.


we’ve had wonderful two toned pink playdough and heart cutters.  the play dough even had some glitter and jewels hiding in it!



i love this next picture for what i remember about the moment. there is great conversation and kind debating going on over some topic i don’t even remember.  these are three pre-k kids engaged in what i want our classroom always to be:  a place where each person is worth listening to.  good stuff.

valentine playdough

those two blocks with green duct tape are actually a “play dough oven” that has doors (2 more flat blocks) that open and shut.  never mind that we have a play oven, this one works much better.

valentine corner

there’s a valentine corner filled with lace, paper, glue, stickers, tape, markers, crayons, fabric, tape, yarn, fake flowers, foam bits, …




and oodles of handmade valentines that only a child could make.


next week we’ll add the mailbox to the valentine corner and pull out all the red and pink legos we can find.

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