e is for easter

our preschool is a ministry of our church, a member of mennonite church usa. while we don’t teach any specific theology or doctrine, we celebrate the birth of christ at christmas and the resurrection of christ at easter. we know families come from all different faith backgrounds and practices and we respect that. so when easter comes around, i am honored to sit and ask the questions. the children provide input, i work hard to guide and watch expressions. it is clear when some kids are hearing some things for the first time. it is clear when some kids are a bit unnerved. those are moments i break in with clarifying statements and the assurance that i will let their families know about these conversations so they can talk more.

still life flower drawing - 02

somewhat similar to a conversation with some already graduated children from last year, here are a few favorite moments from our “what we know about easter” conversations that we do brainstorming style…my writing could hardly keep up:

“jesus is god.”
“jesus is not god. god is god!”
“no, jesus is god and god is jesus.”
“wait. there is another one too.”

“bunnies are like ninjas because they hop around.”

“it was a sad day when jesus died. but when he got out of his cage, it was happy.”

“they found out jesus was gone when they were out looking for easter eggs.”

“i thought god killed jesus on the cross. yeah, he did.”
“no he didn’t!”
“yeah, i think he did.”
“no! god LIKES jesus.”

“the easter bunny knows more because of his brown fur.”

“jesus died and then rose from the dead.”
“jesus is a zombie?!?!?”
{eyes look to me…i ask, “well, what do zombies do?”}
“zombies walk with their arms out and head to the side.”
“zombies hurt people and are mean.”
“jesus can’t be a zombie. he walked normal.”
“he was nice.”
“jesus wasn’t even mad at the people who hurt him.”

“the easter bunny is real.”
“no, the easter bunny is fake.”
“no, the easter bunny is real.”
“no, the easter bunny is fake.”
“no, the easter bunny is real.”
“okay, maybe the easter bunny isn’t fake.”

“people die when they are old and they don’t come back.”
“people die when they are 99 or 100.”
“i know someone who died at 88.”
“now people just go to heaven.”
“jesus must have been magical.”

“people were mad at jesus like they were mad at dr. king.”
“they shot jesus?”
“no. there weren’t guns.”
“he had cuts and sores and didn’t get to eat or drink.”
“dr. king had injuries too.”
“but they let him drink before he died.”

“easter is the happiest day.”
“the easter bunny found jesus first.”
“that’s why we get to go on egg hunts.”
“yeah, we have to practice looking for jesus.”

i always learn something new.
may the promise of new life bring you joy.
happy easter.

3 thoughts on “e is for easter

  1. You’ve captured my favorite activity in preschool – recording what they say. I’m sure, like me, you’ve learned so much simply by listening to the hearts of the children. Thank you for posting about intentional practices that are meaningful and real.
    Happy Easter!



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