e is for egg carton challenge!

we joined in on tinkerlab’s creative challenge…there are oodles of egg-celent ideas over there!

our post-easter-pre-earth-day plans include making another BIG cooperative collage like we did with ellie the elephant a couple of years ago:

egg-celent fun - 01 by you.

egg-celent fun - 07 by you.

then we painted them with white and black paint.

elephant - 02

we used leftover paint to paint paper and recall the concept of a “math sentence”

elephant - 04

then with painted egg cartons, a big piece of cardboard, silver and black duct tape, black crayons, gray crayons and scissors….we made ellie the elephant!  since her initial photo was taken, more paint and crayon has been added.  she still stands guard over the block corner (to watch her baby elephants in the animal tub, of course).

spider web  - 2

 what’s all that yarn she’s stuck in, you ask?

spider web  - 3

a giant spider’s web that she went out to play in one day!

: : : : : :

thank you, tinkerlab, for the motivation to firm up the plans!

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