w is for we wish you well, kindergarten-bound friends!

tonight is kindergarten pre-enrollment (aka kindergarten round-up) for our local school district (7 pm at the elementary school that your child will attend in 2012-2013).

wishing stones

at preschool today, one friend brought these stones to show and tell and said, “they are for everybody since you are going to kindergarten!”  i have yet to find out if that was a family plan or one that evolved from our conversations about tonight’s events.  we sent the wishing stones around the circle until all had been held by the warm crayon-smudged hands of the preschoolers.  by the end, the stones were warm and there were lots of smiles.

wishing stones 3

the afternoon class has a couple of friends who will attend kindergarten in a neighboring town and they already had their kindergarten round-up.  they reported a good time with movies about a caterpillar, coloring and round-up being short.  there are a few friends in our afternoon classes who will be homeschooled and we figured out that every day is like kindergarten round-up since they will be at home!

and there are other friends who weren’t here today but will come to preschool later in the week.  their stones, warmed and breathed upon, will be waiting for them.

now we all have a tangible reminder of those who are moving on!

wishing stones 2

be brave, children and parents!  breathe through those growing pains.


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