b is for bean bags, beads, and balls

b week22

when we have a letter of the week, there are always new things related to that letter around the room.  this week we had beads in the playdough to sort by color.

b week05

b week20

and when the beads are mixed up on the tray, it takes some careful work to sort them out again!

b week06

b week21

:: :: :: ::

i bought a set of cardboard letters that we’ll decorate as a class each week.  this week we glued beads on!  this means gluing over and under the beads.  once dry, the big letters get tucked in the ceiling tiles above our circle time rug.

b week7

:: :: :: ::

we had bean bags to toss into a box or at the big “B” drawn on the chalkboard.

b week19b week18b week17b week16

:: :: :: ::

there was ball drawing freehand style and with our spin art machine:

b week13b week12

:: :: :: ::

i found a bag of teeny tiny baskets at the thrift shop (SCORE!!) and they are the perfect size for one bead.  this was a fun and tiny activity.  i was very aware of my own finger muscles…maybe that is a sign of my aging (i turned 39 this week)?

:: :: :: ::

we also offered precut ball shaped papers, paper to cut (as always) and someone brought us lots of stickers!

b week2b week1b week6

we had a ball of a time. : )

4 thoughts on “b is for bean bags, beads, and balls

  1. A is for Awesome spin art! What is that??? Did you purchase or did you repurpose something? We have three spin art kits that you do with paint, but I have never seen one like in the picture. Do tell.



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