b is for banana (and the “no” symbol and vowel work)

we think that even without us telling you, you will know if this person likes bananas:

b week02

and we think you will know if THIS person likes bananas:

b week03

we learned about the “no” symbol and i drew some signs that i thought would be familiar to the preschoolers.  turns out, no one knew what the “no smoking” sign was until i told them.  and this was a chance to show that even grown ups might not know how to draw a dog.

b week14

then using our paper supplies, we colored our bananas (“kindergarten style”) and showed if we liked them or not…no words needed!

b week15

:: :: :: ::

following our banana work, we sang “apples and bananas” and did some vowel work.  wow, that song gets silly.  our preK afternoon class also read “going on a bear hunt” before we went on a vowel hunt.  but we read it “chapter book” style which felt really grown up.  i drew a book on our calendar to help make sure we didn’t forget to read “chapter 2.”

b week08

watch out kindergarten, it’s only october and these kids know their vowels!

b week04


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