s is for shaving cream snow table

we had a big book that was coming apart, so i used the pages to cover a table, then covered that with a cellophane (from the wrapping paper section), secured it with duct tape and then….

christmas classroom

added shaving cream snow!

christmas classroom

as the week went on, we added glitter, cars and duct taped towels to the back of the couch.


i will admit, along with this being a fun sensory experience, this was motivated by a “can’t beat ’em, join ’em” mentality.  what we as teachers don’t create or provide, will be created by the children.  usually that is what i prefer…to let them create their own play.  but  if wet and goopy is what is desired and i don’t want bottles of glue emptied or toilet paper filling the sink, i could offer a table full of shaving cream.  it worked. go snow!


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