t is for tv at preschool

we don’t have a tv at preschool.  we don’t watch shows at preschool.  we do watch ourselves in preschool videos or something on youtube from time to time. but if you had been listening in last week, you would have thought we did have a tv. there was major “let’s play watch tv” going on all week long.


our dryer/oven/microwave was moved and turned into a tv along with a baby bed turned tv stand.

"tv" at preschool

when a book was slid behind the door, that was the movie being watched. there was a lot of cooperative play to turn the pages for the next scene of the movie.

"tv" at preschool

these kids were cozy. look at all that is going on: phone calls (on old rotary phones), baby holding, baby feeding, cuddling, fake sleeping, remote controlling (also known as wooden phone), a lot of volume adjusting on the tv itself and getting the next movie ready.

"tv" at preschool

imaginative play at its best!

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