v is for valentimes!

happy valentimes to you all!

Screen shot

we’ve had a wonderful week of red and pink, talk of emotions, all covered with the promise that even if you don’t bring any valentines, you will get some!


we read the old favorite, valentine’s day grump…and practiced our own grumpy faces. these pictures make me giggle…

grumpy faces

grumpy faces


 our copy is big book size, so we lay on our bellies around it with the rule that no one touches the book except me. and of course, move if you can’t see. or if you’re crowded. or if you’re squished. or if you are getting smooshed….


then we acted like tippy from the book and wrote a valentine letter to our grown ups at home. this is always an opportunity to talk about the different parent figures in a child’s home or homes. and since it is about their core safety place, i try to choose every word carefully.


we’ll continue on today and tomorrow with more parties….this means red and pink clothes, stories, food, valentine passing out, games, ukulele songs and lots of love.


4 thoughts on “v is for valentimes!

  1. I too heard many references to ValentiMes this week! I wonder how many of my kids were thinking I was saying the word weird because of my emphasis on valentiNe. : )



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