s is for slide

this dear slide has been on my front porch for years.

( 2009)

it’s been moved to the trampoline and propped against the cherry tree.  it has been wedged on a slide and soaped up for water play.


when laid flat it was used to be a pool for playmobil people. it’s been covered with snow and used with sleds.


it’s been hauled to the curb and propped up on a stump after impressive rainstorms.


we used to put a pillow at the bottom of it just because they were so small and the ground was so hard. but now my kids are older.


my baby who is nearly eight most often chooses the steps instead of sliding down. when water collects at the base of the slide, it dries up before anyone plays in it.


and i happen to know 41 little friends who i think would choose a slide over stairs.

so, happy 2013, i brought our dear slide to preschool.

indoor preschool slide!

and it has been fun.

indoor preschool slide!

spending time with little ones reminds me of my own all the time.

indoor preschool slide!

the first week the slide was on the staircase coming down to the classroom.  we had padding duct taped to the wall at the bottom.

indoor preschool slide!

it was needed…especially if you were wearing slick clothes!

this week the slide was moved into the classroom and rested on top of a low shelf.

indoor preschool slide!

this made for a much more subtle slide experience which meant there was experimenting to see what could make one go faster.  blue blankie worked well:

indoor preschool slide!

indoor preschool slide!

indoor preschool slide!

you can imagine that there is also climbing up the slide, walking down the slide, hiding under the slide, sending cars down, sending baby dolls down, even a slide infused puzzle time (“send me the next piece!”).  over all, really fun.  and no injuries so far!

i’m grateful that i can relive some of my most sacred days…


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