s is for snow play!

there is no school on thursday (2/21) due to snow and ice.


if you’re looking for some fun in the snow…here are a few of our family favorites from the last few years:


bring some inside! more photos here.


:: :: ::

freeze some snowballs. we kept these for months!

:: :: ::

snow ice cream - 3

make ice cream.

snow ice cream - 1

snow ice cream - 5

:: :: ::

snowy day  - 06

make chairs out of snow and have a coffee break there.

:: :: ::

a huge family favorite:  make a snow fire!

we’ve done a few of them. the first one micah was only 4 and went out in his pajamas wrapped in a blanket.

:: :: ::


we’ve used up all the snow in the front yard to make bricks with dish pans.

trampoline fort ii

we’ve used our trampoline as a roof for a snow fort.

trampoline fort

:: :: ::


we sprinkled jello on snow…some liked it and some didn’t.


the kids poured dr pepper on snow.  everyone liked that.

:: :: ::

we made a slide on the steps!  i have one started now and hope there really will be more snow overnight so we can finish it.


:: :: ::

muddy ne.JPG

here’s a 2009 memory that needs no explanation.  only a washing machine, a warm bath and hot chocolate.

:: :: ::

go snow! go snow! and when we have preschool again (and if the snow hasn’t melted), bring snow friendly clothing and sleds along!  we have a hill!


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