b is for bubble wrap painting

20131003-223457.jpgi appreciate the challenge of finding activities where the process is the priority but there is also a take home product. printing is perfect! last week we painted on bubble wrap taped to a table with hands and foam brushes and then made prints of the painted bubble wrap. 20131003-223442.jpgthe product was more stunning than i expected!20131003-223450.jpgwe felt eric carle-esque which was a perfect lead in to c week’s exploration of the very hungry caterpillar.

3 thoughts on “b is for bubble wrap painting

  1. I LOVE THIS! I invented bubble painting in the mid 90’s, but used the bubble wrap as a stamp. This affords a new result! I’m 68 and an artist, and et very inspired by preschool and elementary art projects! THANK YOU!



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