b is for bird feathers

20131003-224115.jpgbirds have feathers.20131003-224058.jpgwe have old ceiling tiles with holes in them and a collection of feathers. that combined made a space for fine motor practice.20131003-224108.jpgi might bring this back out for f week…it didn’t get as much action as i thought it would. 😊

2 thoughts on “b is for bird feathers

  1. pozzi thought you were suppose to put the feather in the row that went with the bird pictured above it. She told me “well i dont see any feathers that belong to those birds”.  she put a couple in.  she said they might have those and walked away. either she knows way to much about birds and feathers or some other kids thought the same thing and didnt just go for it. 

    i thought it was pretty funny. you should see her out in brocks shop. i think i will have a little taxidermist soon. see you wednesday. -Vanessa




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