b week


something that wasn’t ever in my lesson plans was this fantastic child created activity:

thursday was the first day of autumn so we made leaf balls and enjoyed unseasonably warm outside time!

mr. matt brought his dog, fozzie, to play.

he even let us dress him up in dress up clothes!

and one time, he was so thirsty he drank out of my cup!

we celebrated mr. matt’s birthday with lots and lots of donuts.

look at these friends work on block city!

the big blue slide had a lot of action this week…including some brave experimenting:

we do show and tell different ways: on wednesday we set our things on our big white board and i wrote the words. and i provided a lesson in inventive writing as i worked to write “brachiosaurus” knowing it was wrong!

on thursday, we worked to “fill in the circle” and oh, the joy of adding a real baby to the collection!

our B tray had bikes and bunnies on the beach

we did a lot of bread talk:

and made a HUGE baguette! last spring one class went on a field trip to baker sharon:

and these kiddos remembered her making five cuts in the top of each loaf!

(notice the five “cuts” made by tape)

and perhaps the greatest peek into B week is this unedited video of work time:


Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 9.25.28 AM



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