c week 

plans for c week fun came to be!

we move our pictures (with magnets on back) from our class pockets to the (magnetic) picture board every day. during c week we had a rainbow color chart to place our pictures on our favorite color available.

we used the bubble wrap from last week to make a giant cloud (wrapped it in a piece of fabric, hot glue and tying to secure it):

children are allowed to get drinks any time they want to, in their own cups labeled with name and photo. i found one little friend filling every cup and adding a straw to each.

we used rainbow cellophane (and old tablecloth i found) and old black file folders (thanks, angie) to make color viewers.

there was color exploring all week long:

one of our older classes did the permanent marker and rubbing alcohol tie dye technique. ms. cathy and i had as much fun as they did.

that letter C is a tricky one. not only did we have show and tell things arrive that sound like /k/ and /s/ and /CH/, we have a preschool friend who starts with C that sounds like /SH/. and then… how tricky it was to find this friend’s golden letter and realize that his name does not start with C, it starts with S!

and what is becoming a practice, here is our C week work time movie:

Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 9.25.28 AM


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