rest in peace, ellie dog


it is with a sad heart i share that ellie, dog of current teacher, ms cathy, and current preschooler, charlie, died. many children over the last few years have been helped by ellie’s sweet temperament. we will miss you, ellie.


our wednesday classes said goodbye to ellie dog by decorating a card for ms. cathy and charlie.

in describing ellie’s death to the morning class (ms. cathy was not there), i said something like:

“…the vet doctor said because she was old her body wasn’t working anymore. and then she was in the backyard and wasn’t bleeding or hurt. and then she looked like she was sleeping, but really her body had stopped working and she wasn’t breathing and she had died…”

it was quiet and then a little friend looked at her peers and nodding says, “yup….and that’s how ms. cathy died.”

so, i said: “actually i’m talking about ms. cathy’s dog. ms. cathy did not die.”

reassure your children of the facts.

in the afternoon class one friend was found crying looking at ellie’s picture, i got teary when we wished ellie well during circle time. then at show and tell we had photos of a preschooler’s grandpa who recently died and there were wet eyes again. beautifully tender.

my grandmother died about a week ago and watching these young children experience death was healing to me.



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