d week


d week was also the first week of october, and the premier of our classroom pumpkin patch.

here the wednesday morning class works on the plans for it:

we had d objects to rhyme with other objects…you can see it in action in this movie:

by the end of the week, it was easy to match up the rhymes!

we pretended to be dentists using old markers in water as food, painted paper plate donuts and added tape sprinkles, helped the people dive in the water table.

it was dark under our loft, a great place for hiding.

our D tray had black sand and tiny dogs

so tiny you can’t see them in someone’s hand:

we grieved the loss of ellie dog and welcomed ginger into the classroom for the first time all in the same week.

day by day we move through the names taking turns being helper of the day (bell ringer, line leader, yellow chair sitter, light worker, etc). we’re still waiting for everyone to get their first turn!

Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 9.25.28 AM





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