e week


e week was exciting and energizing and full of enthusiasm!

i even found our yoga guys practicing in the crayons.


here’s a peek of incredible team work pushing and pulling the cart:


we got some funny responses to the elephants at the play dough table since one question offered was, can you make elephant poop?







we used our ears a lot for listening games, one class making their ears SUPER:

we ran on our own red tape track and then had our crayons “run around” a masking tape capital E! see our track in action here:



one form of exercise is walking, so we walked (and slipped and slid and fell) on the big paper covered in paint and made the color of the month. we also discovered that holding hands helped keep us from falling.

outside time was full of exercise, including rock play.

here’s the movie of of rock play in action:

our dog friends continue to join in on the every day moments: ginger on the playground, fozzie watching kids put their pictures on the big letter E (our form of attendance for the week).

and talk about exercise: running up the stairs and down the slides over and over!

by thursday afternoon, they seemed to sense the full moon coming on sunday!

Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 9.25.28 AM



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