f week

f week was fantastic, fabulous, fun and fast. here’s some work time action to show it:

some random images that speak for themselves:

show and tell continues to be fluid; sometimes children getting their own items from the basket, sometimes me setting up a stage for a show and tell performance. it is truly guided by what seems like the best way to get full engagement in the moment.

when our pumpkin patch moved to the tub table to make room for our “crawl low under smoke” corner, the big pumpkins still found their way back to the purple rug.

a “low drama” approach to fire safety was the theme of the week and oh, the joy!

we had a dalmation fire dog join us one day:

the F tray had blue stones for water, a couple firefighter figures and beads/pipe cleaners to thread.

another impromptu activity: cutting red felt and yellow duct tape to make fire for the classroom.

we used our paper from E week for a variety of “fire” projects:

all week we added to the “what we know about” fire chart.


one of my favorite opportunities is to talk about the hot things that can be found at home, including cigarettes and lighters. and full disclosure: i will not tell children that those are bad or wrong. and it happened again, the look of relief on a young child’s face when i said, people who smoke are not bad.

yeah, they said, because my mom isn’t bad.

and the little guy who barely talks yet saying, yeah my dad good. my dad good. my dad ‘moke. my dad good.

it’s our job to let them know their truth. ❤️

Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 9.25.28 AM


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