g week 

true to history, when preschoolers (and teachers and dogs) show up in costume sometimes we have to guess who it is…then the masks come off and all is revealed. g week coincided with halloween so along with guessing there was giggling and games and goofiness.

the five the little pumpkins showed up outside in our little playground:

we had a birthday mama helper and pastor derrick visit. his costume was “a preschooler.”

families helped bring things for our parties: candy and carrots and dip and goldfish crackers and cheese sticks. and one mama works for a dentist who donated toothbrushes for all!



there was a mystery question on Facebook earlier in the week…and here’s the answer:

one warm afternoon we walked to the big street to spread some child cheer. admittedly, our goal was to see how many honks we could get (i think fifteen was the final number). across the street is the public school administration offices and when they looked out the window to figure out what all the honking was for, they saw us. so then they came across the street and we practiced trick or treating with them! thank you, usd 373 workers!

(imagine the surprise for all the passersby…heeheeheeheehee)

thank you, parents for sharing some photos and video. the joy brings me continued hope.


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