i week


i week

our alphabet box had white inch blocks and not pictured are the tongs we tried using to make an ice cube tower eleven inches tall!

i is for injury…i’m grateful a teacher reminded me about this journal activity:

body shapes, red crayon marks for blood and band aids to go on top. imagine the conversations and the fine motor work!


this book was a bigger hit than in years past. we seem to be more tuned in to feelings and conflict. this book’s illustrations offer a lot.

a few bits of significance:

the dog was mean because someone told him to be mean

when the dog was chasing the turkey family, the baby turkey was protected because his hat was over his eyes so he didn’t know there was a problem

the grandma was mad at the dog because his meanness made a lot of things happen and her pie was ruined

your face can show you are sorry

you can be together right after hard things happen if you want to be


we had our annual “i like to eat…” thanksgiving feasts where people bring favorite foods! this is the information families are given:

In honor of Thanksgiving and the power of knowing ourselves, we will share favorite foods.

How it works:

  1. this is optional! no pressure to bring food!
  2. if you do bring a favorite food, bring enough so we can all have a taste: imagine a small serving for 20 people.
  3. have food prepared, but since we will serve it on plates, you don’t need to have it portioned out ahead of time.
  4. drop food off with your preschooler, we can reheat/keep cold as needed.
  5. children will not be required to taste things they don’t want to…but don’t be surprised if they tell you they licked or smelled something!
  6. please include an ingredient list or packaging so we can help keep our food sensitive friends safe.


the abundance was great.


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