o is for orange

red + yellow = orange 0809 - 3

this is one of my favorite activities…we do it for all secondary colors.  this month we honored orange.

red + yellow = orange 0809 - 1

after squeezing a bit of red and yellow paint in a baggie and then sending it around the circle for all to squeeze so we can make orange, we move to the project table.

when given a paper with a blob of yellow on one side and a blob of red on the other side,

red + yellow = orange 0809 - 2

children are invited to turn their paper orange!

red + yellow = orange 0809 - 1

red + yellow = orange 0809 - 4

red + yellow = orange 0809 - 5

i also like taking the opportunity to explore the math symbols + and =.  at circle time we do simple math problems as a group and i love the look of pride when i label their replies as them “knowing how to do math!”


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