f is for float your boat

during our t is for transportation week, we looked at our world map.  i would suggest two countries and ask how we could travel from one to the other.  let me tell you now that these children BELIEVE they COULD build a bridge across the ocean.  they BELIEVE that there are strong enough materials to go the miles to the ocean floor.  they BELIEVE that there are cables strong enough to hold from one pole to another.  i started to believe that maybe it could happen.

but until it does, how could we get from the USA to Indonesia?  well, a plane or a boat were the two realistic options we came up with (yes, dolphin and pegasus nearly made the top list).

before heading off to make airplanes, i gave each a piece of foil.  the beauty of foil is that any way it is folded or scrunched, it will float (until it gets water logged).  so we made foil boats…and floated them.

foil boats

boats float


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