s is for snake


this was not in my lesson plans, but when we trimmed some of the puddle projects to make flowers, we were left with the outer ring. upon seeing one of them, one little friend piped up, “oh! i want a snake!”


you got it!

i think we also mastered the concept of saturation:  that when no more paint water will stay on the paper and it simply runs off, the paper is saturated.


i offered a rope of twisted paper (i think these are used for some kind of craft?). this allowed children to put a lot of colored water on before it got saturated! it also allowed everyone at the table to work on the same project at the same time!


3 thoughts on “s is for snake

  1. I found your site through Meg Duerkson and wish I lived there so my twin boys could attend your class. I taught elementary before my four kids came along and I’m definetly going to remember your site when I head back to teaching. The way you allow kids to lead, discover, explore, and be who they are (espeically boys . . . love the rubber band shooting center) is absolutely amazing. You are building strong kids. I pray they all have great kindergarten teachers or they’ll all want to head straight back to your class!! THanks for sharing all your ideas!


  2. I have worked with MANY early childhood professionals and I have to say you are truely amazing. Keep up the great work. I would do anything to have my kids in your class!!



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