c is for candyland

turn taking is tricky.  especially when the board moves and then the people fall.  especially when it’s hard to remember who goes next.  especially when the pile of cards keeps falling down.  especially when arms aren’t long enough to reach the pile of cards.

Q Week

thank you, tape.  thank you, cup.

Q Week

Q Week

Q Week

candyland has gotten a bit easier.

Q Week

9 thoughts on “c is for candyland

  1. I’m so lucky to have parents in the classroom to manage our games, although you seem to have solved that problem without adding an extra adult! Personally, nothing drives me more insane than playing games like Candyland, Hi Ho Cherrio, Shoots n Ladders, and Cariboo, but kids love them. I’m always very, very nice to the parents to play these games with the kids for a full hour — and they always seem a little wiggy by the end of it!


  2. Wonderful to see! I encourage parents to buy games like these as gifts rather than video games so that kids can learn about turn taking. Sometimes they don’t understand why kids can’t learn turn taking from video games…



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