s is for secondary colors

really, this can be called c is for color or b is for blue or y is for yellow or g is for green or r is for red or o is for orange or p is for purple, because it is an activity we do in the study of secondary colors.

we put a blob of one primary color on one end of the paper and a blob of another primary color on the other end and then mix…a new color!  and then we can extend this into our math and reading concepts by introducing the symbols that they can read (and when the text strip is added to wet paint, no glue is needed).  ahhhhh.

what i like is when some of the primary colors remain unmixed on the edges (though i don’t give that boundary since there are some preschoolers who need to “complete” their work)

we also color mix paint in baggies by sending it around the circle and everyone squishing it.

we also color mix colors of play-doh (sometimes this takes all week!).


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