m is for martin

january 0809 - 62


“martin looks almost exactly like me” (said by a blond, blue eyed girl

“martin has every part of the face like me…except for the moustache”

“martin smiled even though there was so much to be sad about”

“i am making martin have a sad face because i am sad for him”

january 0809 - 25

january 0809 - 33

we made collage faces of martin luther king jr. using the paper from last week (which was a combination of every skin tone paint) as the face, we looked at photographs of dr. king and added the appropriate features.

january 0809 - 26 by you.

perhaps the most fun part for the kids was giving him a haircut. we glued the face on a square of paper, then trimmed away!

january 0809 - 34

january 0809 - 24

january 0809 - 35

m is for martin

8 thoughts on “m is for martin

  1. Hi There,
    I love your classroom and all the wonderful things you do! I teach preschool in Pueblo, CO. I was wondering where you got the trays from that I see in the photos?



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