s is for sink

S week • preschool 0809

we had water in the tub table this week. some days it was colored with food coloring. some days it had baby-safe soap in it. some days it was tea water (herbal tea steeped in warm water). every day we put in fresh warm water…by about 10:30 it’s cold.

the milk lids (all of them!) made an appearance again. for the record, they all float.

S week • preschool 0809

no matter what color they are, they float. stickers and writing on them don’t matter either.

S week • preschool 0809

S week • preschool 0809

a child led experiment was putting a few lids in an old pill bottle then adding water which made the lids float!

S week • preschool 0809 by you.

our tub table has a little curved area that acts as a “waterfall.”  there are grooves along the whole table which act as “river.

we discovered that when one end of the table is lifted (and held in place with blocks), the river runs faster (and over the edge).

S week • preschool 0809

i quickly saw the need to collect some of the water instead of soaking the floor more.

S week • preschool 0809

S week • preschool 0809

the play moved to conversations of miles per hour and currents.

S week • preschool 0809

there were many pruned hands by the end of each day.

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