s is for seuss

dr. seuss that is.

his birthday was march 2…the same as a preschooler…what fun that was.

S week • preschool 0809

i demonstrated the play of words when only one letter changes to make new words. i try to make my teaching subtle. i want the children to feel as though they are playing.  to learn writing by tracing in the sand or with paint.  to learn color recognition by running around the room looking for red things.  to learn number reading by watching me put the calendar card in 4 wrong ways before the correct way. but today’s learning didn’t feel much like play.

S week • preschool 0809

we moved to an activity that is unusual for our preschool.

S week • preschool 0809


it felt a little like “playing school.”

i appreciate the experience of explaining the steps and then sitting with a group and watch them navigate it. one step was to color every other stripe red (HARD). the other step was to follow my modeling of letter writing in front of the “at” (ALSO HARD!).

S week • preschool 0809

i know what a reality this will be in our public school kindergarten rooms, so i am glad to plant this seed as well.

S week • preschool 0809

when their writing and coloring was done, we cut a couple of rectangles off to make it a hat shape.

so we sat like a rat on a mat and cut a hat like the cat. : )


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