b is for BIG collage carrot

i decided to use a piece of cardboard and left over orange paper to make a BIG version of our collage carrots (in case that maybe real-maybe not real easter bunny is really hungry).

BIG carrot collage

again, we pretended there were no scissors.  again, we used up all the glue we had (for real).

BIG carrot collageBIG carrot collage

and i should not be surprised that my TTH class thought to dig through the shelves to find orange/green ribbon and lace. i love that!

BIG carrot collage

it wasn’t dry when we left school for easter break, so i am excited to see it finished and shiny from all the glue.

u is for umbrella


let me begin this post expressing gratitude that no. eyes. were. poked. out. ahhhhhh.


we drew ourselves under umbrellas (a great chance to see self-portrait work).


we played games under my big umbrella.


this is a basic find the item hidden in an egg, match it to the photcopied picture. some kids were shaking the eggs first to try to figure out which item it was.


we move into the hallway when we want hard floor or more space to work on.


or when we want to put on all our rainy weather gear for a fashion show.


p is for puddle


we were given hundreds of HUGE coffee filters a few years ago.  i fear we may finish them up this year.  we used them with colored water (food coloring and liquid watercolors) and pipettes.


when they dried, we added the text strip:  “here is my puddle, oh what a muddle.”  the kids loved saying this as we looked through the completed projects.


with some of the extra rain puddles, we cut out letter U for our journals.


we did brainstorming (ha!) of what can happen in a storm.  i imitated the sirens that go off every week in town (for testing or for severe weather).  that was a funny time, alright.  then we took the completed list to the colored water table and let it “rainbow rain” all over it!


with more of the extra rain puddles, we cut out flower shapes to adorn the classroom and hallway.


a is for airplaine

paper/cardboard/tape airplanes

in our conversations about travel and transportation, we discussed airplanes.  figured out was that they can go over water, but they can also go over land.  they can go from country to country, but also city to city.  one answer i didn’t have was what is the SHORTEST distance an airplane can take us.  how many blocks would a plane need to take off and then land?  good question! anyone know?

we used snack boxes, packing boxes, and LOTS of masking tape to build airplanes.  they only guidelines were at least one long piece for the body and two wings.  it was a busy time building, trying it out, adjusting, trying it out again, etc.

paper/cardboard/tape airplanes

great variety was made!

paper/cardboard/tape airplanes

paper/cardboard/tape airplanes

paper/cardboard/tape airplanes

paper/cardboard/tape airplanes

paper/cardboard/tape airplanes

paper/cardboard/tape airplanes

paper/cardboard/tape airplanes

and why in the world did i not think of inviting kids to the lace and ribbon bucket?  silly me.

paper/cardboard/tape airplanes

paper/cardboard/tape airplanes

here is one class…standing in the “runway”…looking not quite ready for the picture?

paper/cardboard/tape airplanes

we put raffi’s song “riding in an airplane” on repeat for the day. : )