b is for BIG collage carrot

i decided to use a piece of cardboard and left over orange paper to make a BIG version of our collage carrots (in case that maybe real-maybe not real easter bunny is really hungry).

BIG carrot collage

again, we pretended there were no scissors.  again, we used up all the glue we had (for real).

BIG carrot collageBIG carrot collage

and i should not be surprised that my TTH class thought to dig through the shelves to find orange/green ribbon and lace. i love that!

BIG carrot collage

it wasn’t dry when we left school for easter break, so i am excited to see it finished and shiny from all the glue.

e is for easter bunny food

i was inspired and changed plans. we pretended our school didn’t have scissors and we needed the paper to be small enough to cover the cardboard carrot shapes.  hmmmm, shall we tear it with hands?  rip it with teeth?  both techniques were tested.  tearing by hand won out.

c is for carrot

show and tell this week is “easter decorations.”  we’ve had crosses, palm branches, easter eggs, and easter bunnies.  we have rabbit books out in honor of spring and making these carrots (a.k.a. easter bunny food) seemed like a natural project.
c is for carrot

c is for carrotc is for carrotc is for carrot

i loved seeing the variety.  smooth, bumpy, sparse, heavy with layers.

c is for carrotc is for carrot

but then i was asked the question, “is the easter bunny real?”  out come the cries of YES and NO and a little girl looking at me for answers.  in these moments, i have learned to defer to the parents.  to explain that some of our preschool friends think yes and some think no, so find out what your family thinks.  she was satisfied, but smirked a little and as she was walking away said, “no… right?”

e is for easter egg

egg stacking

simply bringing easter eggs in the classroom enhances play…which enhances learning.

egg toss

we are collecting them for a project  to be done the week after easter, so thanks to families we have LOTS of eggs to play with now!


eggs in the block corner

all eggs aboard!

for our project we need the tops and bottom separated.  cutting them apart turned into a spontaneous center (my favorite kind!).

egg cutting

egg cutting

we did a formal “egg toss” game.  sitting while throwing was the hardest!
egg tossegg tossegg tossegg tossegg tossegg toss

the sorting and stacking, filling and dumping is so important!


egg tossegg tossegg toss

f is for food

we had some caterpillars around the classroom who were very hungry.

food for the very hungry caterpillar

good thing there were also paper plates and crayons so we could draw them some food!

food for the very hungry caterpillar

food for the very hungry caterpillar

food for the very hungry caterpillar

not pictured here is these thrifted fake fur caterpillars stuffed in sections of thrifted (but new) pantyhose cocoons. : )

u is for umbrella


let me begin this post expressing gratitude that no. eyes. were. poked. out. ahhhhhh.


we drew ourselves under umbrellas (a great chance to see self-portrait work).


we played games under my big umbrella.


this is a basic find the item hidden in an egg, match it to the photcopied picture. some kids were shaking the eggs first to try to figure out which item it was.


we move into the hallway when we want hard floor or more space to work on.


or when we want to put on all our rainy weather gear for a fashion show.