w is for wheat

planting wheat

we planted wheat the week before easter.  this also included a lot of filling and emptying of cups.

planting wheatplanting wheat

if kept damp, this will sprout and grow quickly!

planting wheat

we planted a couple of big tubs at preschool which will be fun to trim and hide little animals in.

v is for valentine station

valentine station

we had an ever-expanding “valentine station” in the classroom for the first half of february.

valentine station

paper hearts, pipe cleaners (or am i not supposed to call them that anymore?), glue, red and pink crayons, colored pencils, scissors, tape (!!!!), bulletin board borders, doilies, stickers, etc.

valentine station work

valentine station work

we added an owl card for o week. we added heart cutting supplies after i watched a preschooler do it on his own.

valentine station work

we added purple crayons and paper plates during p week.

valentine station work

valentine station

valentine station work

we’ll get to open up the tub table again next week!

w is for writing boards

writing boards 0809 - 08

here is the best $20 i’ve spent in a long time.

writing boards 0809 - 01 by you.

we’re working on letter formation, holding the marker comfortably and moving towards holding it in the “kindergarten way,” sound recognition, upper and lower case differences, and simple exploration.

writing boards 0809 - 03 by you.

writing boards 0809 - 04 by you.

writing boards 0809 - 06 by you.

writing boards 0809 - 09

writing boards 0809 - 10

writing boards 0809 - 11

writing boards 0809 - 13

writing boards 0809 - 02 by you.

it is satisfying to watch the them go through the steps of choosing a board, getting a paper towel, and write, wipe, write, wipe, write, wipe.

writing boards 0809 - 12

writing boards 0809 - 14

(she moved to our play kitchen for this photo.  hee hee hee)

d is for dream clouds

brought to you by the friday morning class:


these are cloud shaped posterboard pieces that each child lined in cottonballs after sharing their dream. we listened to parts of dr. king’s “i have a dream” speech and then asked the childen what they wish for.


m is for milk lid

preschool families and friends have been collecting milk lids for us.

january 0809 - 58

thank you!

1. header 0809

january 0809 - 31

january 0809 - 30

january 0809 - 60

since it is m week we’ve been sorting by color. we’ve noticed that in the tens of milk lids there are, there is only one brown lid. come on, let’s drink some chocolate milk!

the next phase of this activity is arranging them into words, letter groups, abc order, etc. for some of our kids we explored spacing between letters. learning that when there is a “finger space” between letters that means they are different words. sometimes it was fun to do that on purpose. like a joke. hee hee hee.

january 0809 - 42

we noticed how many letters can become other letters simply by turning them.

kevin can become keviz and can easily become kevin again! more funny stuff.
january 0809 - 44

january 0809 - 43

january 0809 - 44

keep bringing those milk lids…we have more projects in mind!