h is for hospital

with a little rearranging we created a hospital in the classroom.

h week 0809 - 2 by you.

hospital beds for the dolls and animals (and for the preschoolers who weren’t afraid to squeeze in).  cheap masking tape was used for band-aids and bandages.

h week 0809 - 3 by you.

there was an xray station (with real human xrays…thank you ms. aimee and real animal xrays i ordered years ago from lakeshore).

h week 0809 - 7 by you.

we turned our cart into an ambulance which has been moving surprisingly slow in the classroom.

h week 0809 - 08 by you.

the hospital office has been very busy.  all of my procedures one day cost me “thirty nine and nine” each time.

h week 0809 - 1 by you.

h week 0809 - 4 by you.

we’ll keep the hospital for i week….because i is also for illness, infant, injury and infirmary. : )

l is for letter

i dabble in the handwriting without tears curriculum.  mostly i am fascinated by the desire to make letter writing easily successful for children.  one thing we do that is handwriting-withou- tears-ish is give craft sticks or wide gross grain ribbon strips to form the letters. here we have a 5 stick capital E:

5 stick E 0809.JPG

t is for tree

techincally this should be a is for apple tree, but we make these trees for many reasons during a school year.

apple tree trunk.JPG

one class made the trunk, one class made the leafy top, and then we added apple print apples.

0809 - 03

this was the first painting project of the school year.  i intentionally gave brushes, but gave no instruction on whether to use hands or not.  most of the children used their hands and some of the children were vocal about being grateful they didn’t have to!

after painting, the children carry their brushes to the bathroom sink to “help” rinse them out.  as is true with many things, it may be easier (and neater) to have a teacher wash them all at once but their ownership in completing the process is clear.

a is for apple prints

apple prints 0809 - 1

we had a table covered with paper, every color of the rainbow of paint squirted on, then half a dozen apples plus one hegeapple for us to roll back and forth.

apple prints 0809 - 2

messier than i thought but loads of fun.

r is for rice bottles

my kids were glad to help drink 26 bottles of gatorade and vitamin water so i could have wider-mouth bottles.

alphabet rice bottles 0809 - 13

the preschoolers help me fill bottles with rice and then i hide something inside correlated to a letter.  i tape the lid on with colored duct tape and write the letter on the lid.

so far there is one little apple hidden in the A bottle

a plastic baby, a bird and a button hidden in the B bottle

plastic cows hidden in the C bottle

dice hidden in the D bottle

an egg and an elephant hidden in the E bottle

i’m thinking feathers in the F bottle, blades of grass in the G bottle, horses in the H bottle, ivy in the I bottle, jacks in the J bottle…on and on.

a rice bottle 0809 - 12

a little guy told me today that the A bottle was his favorite thing at preschool. wow.